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Women, Peace, Freedom

Fashion shows in SL have followed a rigid and precise standard for over 10 years now.
SL is first and foremost a place of pioneering experimentation, instead.
So, why not try something new?

SL has always been a place where artistic performance experiments are carried out.
So why not try to combine the two things?

March 8, International Women’s Day, is approaching, which more than ever this year falls at a critical moment: the world is devastated by wars, and in many places the freedoms of women and men are being attacked.
Secondlife is also a place of storytelling, where you can tell stories.

On these three pillars (fashion show, performing art, storytelling), the show “Women, Peace, Freedom” was born from the collaboration between Telsiope’s Couture, Officina dei Sogni, Desideria Club, Tilly Opaline.
A non-stop one-hour show in which, in the setting of the splendid amphitheater of Desideria Club, Offcina dei Sogni will recite a storytelling which, starting from the reading of some passages from Aristophane’s “Lysistrata”, will see three actors reciting an original text, written by Alex Cat, on the current topic of peace and freedom for women.
The show evolves along a construction conceived and created by Virginia Stella and the Officina dei Sogni staff (Musa InFabula, Alex Cat, Clarissa Bughuntress, Ambra Starlet, Fred the Almighty), with artistic performances and ten models, under the guidance of Tilly Opaline, who will show the outfits by Telsiope’s Couture.

It is an immersive show, for which the audience is asked to sit on a sofa and let themselves go to the sequence of scripted rooms that make up the show.
For some informations a tips for your best experience, you can follow our guide.

Alex Cat
Musa InFabula
Clarissa Bughuntress

Alex Cat
Musa InFabula
Virginia Stella

Epona Exonar
Hanne Kenin
Jonathan Venus
Lyra Winter
memole Giha
Naarnisse Absinthe
Tilly Opaline

This is the traffic map of the whole performance: