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2024 is started!

The 2024 season of Officina dei Sogni has begun.
We opened with the Dream Team at REFUGE, premiering our new show “The Old Cabaret“.
The Dream Team in standard formation (Epona Tigerfish, Lola Nippo, Lyra Winter-Breil, Morticia1069, Musa InFabula, Naar Absinthe) presented 11 scenes (plus an introductory scene), with modern songs but arranged in 1920s and 1930s style, with an intermediate costume change.
The technical innovations presented, because we present innovations with each new show, were the combined use of stream and plot media, in order to go in the direction of truly multimedia shows, and the optimization of the scripts to be resistant in a environment with a high lag.
On multimedia, we still have some progress to make, however the result obtained is an important test that allows us to do better next time. I’m extremely satisfied with the lag: the show held up very well to the impact of a crowded sim!
From an artistic point of view, I tried some new movements, such as a couple of flights on an elliptical path, abandoning my traditional circular orbit.
The sim that hosted us managed the event very well, leaving us on the one hand the freedom to make an optimal setup, and on the other managing scripts and meshes to help us not exceed the server limits, all in a very collaborative and proactive way. I hope to continue to collaborate with The REFUGE, which is growing towards becoming one of the best clubs on the Grid.
This show is also characterized by another characteristic: it does not need a theater stage. It can be done on small stages or even on floors in clubs, so we hope to be able to offer it in other places very soon.
Meanwhile, work has already begun for the 2024 “big show” 😉 Updates will follow.
Below, the photo gallery and a video with the highlights.