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Season opening 2024: The Old Cabaret

New year, new season.
It’s our turn too, with a new show
Officina dei Sogni opens the 2024 Season with “The Old Cabaret“, a new production based on mixing video and live choreography, a new combination of performing art for the Secondlife metaverse, an original composition. Both the videos and the choreographies were self-produced, as were all the scripts.
Accompanied by music interpreted in an original way, it presents itself as a new challenge for the entire Dream Team of Officina dei Sogni.
With: Epona Tigerfish, Lola Nippo, Lyra Winter-Breil, Morticia1069, Musa InFabula, Naar Absinthe.
Written and directed by Virginia Stella.

The debut is set for Tuesday 16 January 2024, at 12pm SLT (9pm European time, 8pm UK), on the terrace of THE REFUGE

No need for elegant clothing, attachments, etc. The show makes use of scripted cameras.
Better to arrive a little early, to allow precaching and keep lag low.

For further information and tips, there is our audience guide:

And finally, here is the traffic plan.