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Welcome to our one-time performance “Circobirò”. It is the adaptation for Secondlife of a show accompanying the album of the same name by “I ratti della Sabina”, a former folk/rock band from central Italy.
It’s a “concept album” with a common thread, which is telling stories, pretending to be in a circus. Of course the circus, which also inspires many of the scenes, is just an excuse, a “container”: each song tells a story, known or unknown, true or invented, fairy tale or reality, concerning a particular character, linked in some way to circus and non-circus spectaculars. All with a steampunk style, freely inspired by the RL show “Kurios”.

It starts with a newsboy/barker who advertises the show on the day of the performance, inviting people on the street to come to the circus, and to attract their attention and curiosity he names all the characters of the show (who are the protagonists of the songs later), with typical circus tones (“Ladies and Gentlemen, come! We’ll see you in the big top!”). In the album, it serves as an introduction to the entire CD, revealing the protagonists, a kind of song that acts as an index.
It follows the story of a crazy violinist, who cannot be missed in a circus. It is a free adaptation of the poem of the same name by Fernando Pessoa.
There is the story of the brigand Berardo Viola, who raged in the Abruzzo Marsica in the ‘800.
We will have “The man who planted trees”, taken from the story of the same name by Jean Giono, and Line 670: it is the number of a bus line in Rome.
The first act ends with “The Village Idiot”, who actually lives in a community where others don’t have the same imagination as him.

The second act opens with “La tarantella del serpente”. It is a fairy tale from the Rieti area, used in the past to warn children against going alone into the woods.
We continue with “The Juggler”, which in this case is a juggler who plays with words and manages to fascinate children. In fact the song is dedicated to Gianni Rodari.
Then there is “Radici”, another popular song from the Rieti area, but in this case it is a song of emigration, dedicated to those who had to emigrate from the central Apennines towards the North.
“The Merchant” arrives. It seems like the story of a seller of illusions, the one who “arrives with his wagon, arrives to buy people’s weaknesses, sells the illusion of being happy to those who meet him”.
Among fairy tales, “The Pied Piper” cannot be missed. The title already reveals everything. It is the tale of the Pied Piper, told in full, in Abruzzo dialect.
Thus arrives “The tightrope walker”. The grand finale, with the most astonishing piece of the “Ratti della Sabina”, admired by critics, and which will be interpreted in an astonishing way by the Dream Team of Officina dei Sogni.

Alex Cat, Ambra Starlet, Epona Tigerfish, Icy Cold, Lola Nippo, Lyra Winter-Breil, Morticia1069, Musa InFabula, Naar Rexen, Virginia Stella.
Music Consultant: Musa InFabula
Costume Consultants: Sitlan Winter-Breil, Lyra Winter-Breil, Lola Nippo, Naar Rexen
Animations, meshes and decorations: Alex Cat, Virginia Stella
Lights and particles: Alex Cat, Rebecca Cartauld, Virginia Stella
Voice: Ambra Starlet
Quality Assurance: Clarissa Bughuntress

Written and directed by: Virginia Stella

Single date: Sunday, December 3rd, 1PM SLT


When you will land, you will be invited to the “MetaHarper Immersive Theater Experience”, if you haven’t accepted it in the past. Accept it!

Please arrive early.