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The Creation of the Violin

Everything is ready for my first Storytelling experience.
The Creation of the Violin will have the grid-wide world premiere on Sunday November 12th 2023, at 1PM SLT.
Ok, I’m excited for this work, because I know it’s original, in the format too.
Almost everything is home-made, built by me or by other members of the staff: animations, meshes, background, scripts. Just some trees coming from external source.
Actresses and actors did a great work too, building their avatars and outfits just as needed in the show, and they was available for tests, rehearsal, practices, etc.
All the show (routine, scripting, animations, etc) was built in two weeks, audio is original too, recorded by Officina dei Sogni staff.

The official communication from Officina dei Sogni is here.

Subject: Musa InFabula
Adaptation of the story to SecondLife by Alex Cat
Original animations: Virginia Stella
Voices: Alex Cat, Nadia Padalino
With: Musa InFabula, Alex Cat, Jophiiel Becker, Lola Nippo, Mia Rose

Directed by: Virginia Stella

Where: Metaharper’s Immersive Theatre

When: November Sunday 12th, Saturday 18th, 1PM SLT, and Friday 24th at 1.30PM

When you will land, you will be invited to the “MetaHarper Immersive Theater Experience”, if you haven’t accepted it in the past. Accept it!

Please arrive early!