Breaking the wall: our first rehearsal


We have already introduced the show Breaking the wall: every beginning contains a magic.
The works are progressing, as we get closer to the date of the debut in the San Teodoro Theater in Cantù (Italy) on November 13th 2022.

The final line up is ready, as well as the troupe that will be formed by Sagia, Epona Exonar, Lyra Breil, Naar Rexen, Lola Nippo, with live music in both RL and SL by the musicians Paola Tezzon (represented in world by Musa inFabula) and Giulia Larghi (represented in world by Virginia Stella), and with the support of the narrator of Alex Cat.
All the scripts for the collaboration by the public are now ready, and therefore we are proceeding with the finalization of the show.
On the evening of October 28th, we did the first dress rehearsal.
Almost everything worked, but there are still some refinements to be done, some refinements, but these are minor aspects. I’m working on them today.
It is an intense, long job, but it is also giving great satisfaction and yes… we are having fun too.

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