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  • Burn2 2023

    Burn2 2023

    Burn2 starts next October 6th, we’re starting to get into the cultural mood.We must transform ourselves. The culture of Burning Man is that of the “Playa”, that is, of Black Rock City, in the Nevada desert.Here’s how to become acculturated: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1VqzZxusRu8 One must always remember the main slogan: “There are no spectators, we are all…

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  • Started the web radio!

    Started the web radio!

    Today, Officina dei Sogni Radio is born. Broadcast is started. It’s a service for us, for SL, and for RL. More info in the official communication: https://www.officinadeisogni.eu/2023/08/officina-dei-sogni-radio-is-up-and-running/ With great honor, I am part of the editorial team.

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  • Second Life 20th Birthday, we are ready!

    Second Life 20th Birthday, we are ready!

    Immediate Press Release. For SL20B we worked on a revisited version of Pagan Evocation Fantasy show. There are some strong differences between this show and the others, in the past.First of all, we showed the “Pagan” always in a sky platform, in last year. This time we will be at ground level. This require some…

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  • Mup-Pup-2021!

    E’tempo di dirlo ufficialmente. Quest’anno si terrà, come ogni anno, la manifestazione virtuale “Miss Universe Parallel” , organizzato da Parallel Universe Production, ma la novità è che quando, il 26 giugno, ci sarà la finalissima, il cosidetto Grand Finale secondo lo slang locale, per la passerella di apertura l’incarico di costruzione della routine è stato dato……

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  • Sci-fi Convention 2021

    [english text – Italian text below – Testo italiano subito sotto il testo inglese] The Sci Fi convention is now! The first went well, but there is still the second. My participation, as well as my first experience as a stage manager, was with two acrobatic shows.It is a type of show that could be original,…

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  • Aerial Dance

    Okay, this is Secondlife, and it’s a simulation: you can’t make everything equal to physical reality, which here however has some approximations. However, the desire to do something original prompted me to investigate and experimenting. My idea comes from “aerial dance”, something I practiced when I was 20. Over the past few years, I have…

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About Me

Hi, My Name Is Virginia Stella

Mathematician and modern dance instructor in Switzerland, she has found in the Secondlife Metaverse the way to combine both of her passions. LSL scripter, she is the author and designer of all the animations she uses, the author of the scenic sequences, she has already choreographed and directed a large number of classical and modern dance performances in Europe and North America. She recently confessed that she would have preferred to be a cartoon director in life, and that with the Metaverse she has achieved the same goal. She is the co-founder of Officina dei Sogni, where she is in charge of directing, art direction and casting. In addition, she actively collaborates with some US virtual theaters.