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  • SL20B


    [en] (italian version below) My “Pagan Evocation Fantasy” debuted on Aug 26th 2022, and practically immediately after I did it again, giving birth to “Pagan Evocation Fantasy – Enanched Version”, which was so successful. Replicated 4 times in 4 different sims, conventions, theatres, and important clubs.Now, it’s time for retire this version, and finalize a new one (the last, I hope, before my “next generation show” ready for the summer).The new version is “Pagan Evocation Fantasy – SL20B Edition”, and it’s a special edition. Yes, because it will be shown (rolls of drums) at celebration for the 20th SL Birthday!Ok,

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  • Now or Never

    Now or Never

    “Now or Never” is out. It’s a machinima movie about environmental disaster that is happening on Earth.Filmed in Secondlife in Officina dei Sogni Sim. With: Abby Rose, Alex Cat, Ambra Starlet, Clarissa, Epona Exonar, Essence Aries, Jophiiel Becker, Lola Nippo, luismi Edring, Lyra Breil, Marusya Akina, Morticia1069, Musa inFabula, OdetteBK, Sitlan Breil, Virginia Stella, Zee Zee Subject, scenes and editing: Alex CatDirector: Virginia Stella Music: Rammstein, “Mein Herz Brennt”

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  • 2022. Un bilancio più che positivo

    2022. Un bilancio più che positivo

    Un altro anno di simulazioni e di Secondlife è passato. E’ ancora tempo di guardarsi alle spalle e di fare quale riflessione sul come sta andando, e come sta crescendo, la mia esperienza in SL.All’inizio dell’anno, in joint venture con altre persone che gestiscono la troupe di cui facevo parte, abbiamo riflettutto prima di tutto sulla convenienza di avere una nostra Sim. Si chiama “indipendenza territoriale”. Se si vuole sperimentare e cercare, dopo 19 anni di Secondlife, di proporre qualcosa di orginale, servono due cose: land e prim.Così, facendo anche uno sforzo economico iniziale, abbiamo selezionato una private island e ci siamo trasferiti

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  • Wings of Freedom

    [en] [testo italiano di seguito] It’s done! Wings of Freedom, soundtrack from Attack on Titan, is in SL! We had already talked about it, but now the show is done, with its first performance at the Audace Theater, on Sunday 11 July.With a lineup made up of Sherry, Abby Rose, SweetMandy and Icy Zeplin, with Paola Tezzon‘s front-line presence with her violin, the show went very well. Of course, the lag was a profound enemy, and a few more FPS would have been convenient for everyone, above all it would not have slightly ruined some synchronization, but that’s the beauty of direct, it’s the beauty of being live even

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  • MUP-PUP 2021 è andata

    [en] (Testo italiano più in basso) A few days ago I told how I was given the job of directing the opening number of the final of Miss Parallel Universe 2021.It is finally done.I wanted to make a good video of my work, but the lag was prohibitive, with the result that the effect is slightly poor, and you don’t even see all the particle streams.Patience for the lake, but this was, and contrary to what happens usual, I liked the result Next stop: Audace July Show, 11 July 2021, 10pm European. Below, the youtube video [it] Testo italiano Alcuni giorni

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  • AOT is arriving!

    [en] (Testo italiano più in basso) Directly from Attack on Titan, the Research Corps lands and comes to position itself in Secondlife to carry out exercises by switching to 3D movement near the Wall Maria. Of course, there’s always the colossal titan around the corner, but that’s part of the daily risks. The Wings of Liberty, the historic symbol of the Research Corps, are ready to flutter in a new virtual setup, with music played in first person by Paola Tezzon, because this time we don’t want to move our avatars on the notes of an mp3 downloaded from youtube,

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About Me

Hi, My Name Is Virginia Stella

Mathematician and modern dance instructor in Switzerland, she has found in the Secondlife Metaverse the way to combine both of her passions. LSL scripter, she is the author and designer of all the animations she uses, the author of the scenic sequences, she has already choreographed and directed a large number of classical and modern dance performances in Europe and North America. She recently confessed that she would have preferred to be a cartoon director in life, and that with the Metaverse she has achieved the same goal. She is the co-founder of Officina dei Sogni, where she is in charge of directing, art direction and casting. In addition, she actively collaborates with some US virtual theaters.